Oct 19, 2008

11 Weekend Update

Ah, I wish I had a picture to show you, but I don't. I haven't been taking pictures lately, but hopefully, I soon will. Warning: This is a huge post! So break it up over a couple of days if you have to! =]

So I've been really busy. Seriously. Some people just don't understand when I say that, but I know that it's been true. College is so hectic. I came back to SLO from summer and was immediately overwhelmed by how much work I had. Having a summer internship totally doesn't compare to college life. There is just way more to do in college, I think.

Being independent:
  • Having my own room again is quite awesome. I like it. Our apartment is so big! Come visit me!! There is soooo much space.
  • Roommates are awesome! We get along fine and I'm glad that we set ground rules from the very start. Everyone has their own different schedules though. It's so depressing to be home by yourself! Our common area is so cold and dull too. Truly need to put things in it and make it cozier! Or I should just never be home.
  • Not having a car sucks now. It was bearable last year, but this year, since we have to go buy our own groceries, it sucks. It's hard not being able to just go out when you want to. Rides have to be arranged and time has to be set aside to do grocery shopping, most definitely.
  • I'm definitely more concerned with how I spend my money. Definitely thinking more about what things are essential and what things I can live without. So hard when it comes to food, but I really shouldn't think about that. I should really eat.

School: Starting classes again was a little bit difficult. One of my classes is a continuation of a class I took back in Spring. The concepts were all familiar but it took me a while to get back into it. Classes, in general, were bleh in the beginning, but they're okay now. There isn't really a class that I dislike. I guess I could say that I don't like labs. They take up so much time and they're just busy work. But it's okay. I've been studying a lot, but sometimes it still doesn't feel enough. I had a midterm last week and a quiz in business that I studied hardcore for. My midterm was kind of bleh. There were four questions and I only really knew how to do two. On top of that, our teacher had us choose three and we could only do those three. Gah. Two more next week! My hardest ones too. Physics and a major class.

PCE: This year is going pretty well. Way better than last year. Being on staff this year gave me a whole new perspective on the club. I never realized how much work it takes to run PCE. Everyone on staff is so dedicated and work hard also. I'm really appreciative and glad to have everyone on board. This year feels very different also. There are so many new faces! Older people have graduated. Though it's sad sometimes, it's exciting to meet new people and to get to know them. I hope I get a cool Ading (little sibling) this year! FRIENDSHIP GAMES is this weekend! I'm so excitedddddddd!!!!

Goals: I've made it a goal for myself to lose weight and be fit this year. I've always put this off for various reasons, but I just got tired of it. No more excuses! So here's my progress so far.
  • I've been biking to class and back to the apartment, which is pretty far from campus. It would be about a 15 minute walk. Biking to class doesn't really do me any good though because it's all downhill, aside from the random hills around campus. I'm still a little bit iffy about biking but I'm getting more confident! I can't ride as fast as others though, but it's okay.
  • Last week, I worked out every day for an hour after class, except for Thursday (I went to a Career Fair instead). Working out was so blah at first, but on Wednesday, I had a really good work out! I stayed awake throughout the whole day and had so much energy (or I was going crazy from lack of sleep). I decided from then on that I'm not taking naps throughout the day anymore. That's going to suck, but I get so much more work done! My naps take forever! I can't ever really nap for only 20 minutes. =/
  • Being in Modern (PCE hip-hop dance) has been fun and I consider it a work out too! At first, I thought I would substitute it for gym days, but I decided to keep it separate now. Modern doesn't make you work that hard really.. but it's been really cool! I get to learn dances and just jump around so much. That's twice a week for two hours. It's at night though, so I'm bound to skip some days to study, especially since it's midterms week!
  • 8 minute abs!! Hahaha. I never figured to look it up on YouTube, but some girls from my apartment and I started doing them earlier on in the quarter. They've stopped and I've sort of stopped now and then but I'm starting it back up again. I don't care if they're doing it with me or not anymore. I'm going to do it and get awesome abs!
  • This isn't really a good thing, but it fits in here. I haven't really been eating a lot. Don't get me wrong! I'm not becoming anorexic or anything! Part of the reason why is just that it's hard to find the time to cook food. It takes an hour to prepare food (that's not a TV dinner) and I'd rather use that hour to work on PCE things or study. Eating lunch is hard too. I'm usually on campus during lunch and I haven't packed lunch at all yet. Campus food is unhealthy and expensive, though I get a salad once in a while. Plus I've been studying for quizzes in between classes. Just too busy to eat sometimes and there are times when I don't realize it. I think that's what I need to work on next, eating a healthy diet.

Future plans:
  • I've been thinking about studying abroad a lot more, especially since I have a friend that keeps pushing me to do it. Right now, I realize that I seriously have this opportunity to go. Things are still not set yet though. I'm still not sure where I want to go, where I can go, how much things are going to cost, how long I should go for.. It's kind of hard for me to decide. There are so many future events and inside jokes that I don't want to miss, but I know that I shouldn't let that hold me back. I've been meaning to do more research on it but still haven't gotten around to it. Need to put that on my reminders list!
  • There was a Career Fair last Thursday and it just made me think more about working for different companies and my major. Though I enjoy being a CPE, there are so much more people looking for Software Engineers or Computer Scientists. Again, it's hard to decide! I like what I'm doing and I want to continue to learn, but I also want to learn more about software at the same time. Ahh! The Career Fair also made me conscious about presenting myself to others. How do I make myself memorable to others and give a good first impression? What are the types of questions I should be asking? How do I make sure that I'm prepared for their questions?
This is a really big post, but I just needed to get all my thoughts out. Especially since I probably won't be writing for a while again. Miss you!!!

Oct 16, 2008

10 More to come...

Sorry, I haven't updated in a little bit more than a month! It has been really crazy since school started and I truly couldn't find the time to give a little update. Just know that I'm doing well (for the most part) and I'm coming home this weekend! It should be a nice break from school but will still be busy since I'll be running errands all weekend long, I believe. *sigh* More to come soon!