Nov 29, 2008

12 Long overdue

Ah, I'm home! Thanksgiving!! Break is so nice. I was so sick of school before I came home. I had a really tiring week beforehand, having stayed up all week for three midterms and a busy weekend with PCE. I'm just glad it's over, but I know that in two days, the whirlwind will start again until Winter Break.

I had a wonderful evening hanging out with best friends! Ah, I've missed them so much! We're all so busy when we're at school that we rarely talk to each other, but our conversations always seem like we never stopped talking. I love that!! I love coming home and meeting up with them is always exciting. We all come back with such different experiences and I love exchanging ideas, new gossip, new things in our lives. I'm always reminded of all the things that I want to know more about, the things that I want to do more in my life, such as ballroom dancing, reading more books, and catching up on TV shows/movies. I'm watching the Season 4 finale of Grey's Anatomy as I type this. I've missed so much!!! I plan to catch up on everything over Winter Break. It should be good. =]

A small update on school...
School is alright.. I feel like I need to meet more people now though. I love my friends and getting to know everyone that I met last year better, but I feel like I need to grow more. In all my classes this quarter, I know at least two or three people. It's fun having classes with friends and all, but I'm always with them. It's nice, it makes coming into class more comfortable and it's easier to get help with classes. I really think that it's hindering me from learning more though. I find myself less focused in class, more scared to ask questions, less independent... I need and want to put myself out of my comfort zone. I think that's part of the reason why I did well in my classes last year. I asked questions and went into office hours. I also joined study groups, met people there and just understood more. This quarter, I'm still keeping up with my classes, but I know that I'm not fully grasping everything that I should already know by now. Hopefully next quarter, I'll be able to do everything that I'm setting out to do. I don't want to stick with what's familiar and comfortable. I want new experiences and get more out of my college experience!