Feb 24, 2009

14 Breakdown #1

Ah, so... I finally had my first breakdown of the year last Saturday night. Oh jeez... A great combination of friends drama, midterms, interviews stress, pressure from family, and being sick all came together and finally blew up in my face.

More details later. I'm about to go home from the library and I know that I should sleep when I get home.... We'll see if I end up doing that. Probably not, though I know that I should.

Feb 14, 2009

13 Varentine's

I'm so glad to be home! But at the same time really bummed that I missed out on my classes today! I missed my Psychology lecture and discussion, and I was so excited to go since my discussion teacher was presenting this week. Our lecture was on emotions and our discussion section supposedly talked about Craigslist personal ads. Ah, just in time for Valentine's. Alas, I missed a really cool lecture after a series of boring ones.

Anyways, I'm glad to be home. It feels so comfortable. I love lying down on my big, comfy bed. And it's so warm in my room. I haven't been home in a while. It's a little sad. It was a bit unfamiliar for me walking around my house in the middle of the night, trying to find the light switches. I had forgotten...

Looking back on my previous post... It's weird how I anticipated Valentine's so early on in the month. I guess I've been wondering how it'll go this year? I don't remember doing anything last year. Not like that's different from any other previous years..

I'm so excited for the weekend! I have so much to get done, but I'm really excited. Quick post, because I woke up and couldn't fall back to sleep. =]

Feb 4, 2009

12 Under the weather

I've been under the weather lately, but I've been keeping my spirits high! It's sad. I hate being sick, but I've been taking advantage of this in a different way. Since I've been sick, I've considerably slowed down with all of my activities. I'm missing out on PCE-related events this week (besides the one that we have coming up on Saturday) and I'm missing out on going to the gym (it's my second week and it makes me sad, but I have to get better!). Despite this, I took my time today to take advantage of what Cal Poly has to offer and attended school-wide events.

This week, Cal Poly is hosting a series of seminars and workshops around campus called "Focus the Nation." This year, it's about creating sustainable economies. I went to a workshop with some friends (and it was also a class assignment) and got some free tea that didn't come from tea leaves? It was yummy! Aside from that, I learned about a special type of block that people make and use to build houses in Thailand. I forgot what the block is specifically named, but they worked like Legos! The second part of that session also talked about the Real Food Challenge, issues on organic farming and how it should be promoted. With this session, I knew that all throughout my college career, sustainability will be a prevalent issue.

With the Real Food Challenge and reading Fast Food Nation, I feel like I know a lot about the food processing industry. I'm not really sure if it's affecting my diet now, but I'm sure that it will. But I have a feeling that if I continue to read such books, I'd eventually eliminate everything and limit myself to such small portions of organic food since it's expensive.

Another cool thing that Cal Poly has is our Multicultural Center. They promote diversity on campus and hopefully, I'll get the chance to work with them more later on in my college career. On the first Wednesday of every month, they put on a Poetry Slam show, usually featuring a poet who is of a certain ethnicity. I wasn't quite sure how to make that comprehensive, but here's an example. Because it's Black History Month for February, they featured a Black poet. They would do the same for the other months...

Tonight, I saw a poet named Prentice Powell. I didn't get to stay for the whole show, but I enjoyed his poems, as well as those who stood up for open mic. I knew a couple of people who went up for open mic and I applaud them! I wish I had something cool written out and the courage to do the same. hehe. It's also fun going to these shows because I find out more about friends who are into it too! It's really cool. I will leave you with a video, not from Prentice, but a classic Def Jam poem. =] + for Single Awareness Day coming up.