Jun 29, 2009

Currently reading

Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson

It was a hard decision to put the book down! I would still be reading it if I didn't start to feel bad. I was up at 2 reading very slowly when I could be packing up all the junk in my room like I meant to do all weekend.

Enjoying the read so far and amazed at how quickly I got engrossed in the book and the man's life and accomplishments. Blogging to say I'm still alive despite my reclusion away from the outside world!

Jun 21, 2009

My iPhone has taken over

Wow this is amazing. So long as I have Wi-Fi, I can pretty much do all that I do online on my iPhone! There seems to be an app for everything... Twitter, AIM, Facebook, ... I can pretty much use anything Google ... Now I can blog too?? Haha. Oh technology... How easy it is for you to keep me at one spot for endless hours at a time...

Jun 18, 2009

26 Some time...

... for total and internal reflection. Thank you for your support, especially to those that I've been talking to lately. I swear I'm okay! I've just lost focus and need to regain it back. You know how it goes. =]

Jun 16, 2009

25 Is it really me?

It's been about a year since the idea of once again keeping up a blog came about, but in all honesty, this hasn't been updated as much as it should've been. I'm starting to wonder whether I should continue with this blog. I've been so busy and I wish that I could've documented everything that's happened. At the same time, and I know this is weird to say, I wonder if my thoughts and experiences are even worth documenting. I think this is one of the reasons why I haven't been able to keep up with one blog throughout these years. Even though all the thoughts I've sent out to the world are mine and mine alone, there's some part of me that feels like such a poser, as though I'm only doing things so that I feel like I'm part of something cool. I feel like I'm just imitating thoughts and art that I see instead of learning from them and creating something that is mine.

And so summer begins. This is really the first time in a while that I've been able to sit down and reflect with a keyboard and a piece of electronic paper.