Aug 21, 2009

Something that I want to try soon

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Aug 4, 2009

34 A recent find

Okay... I keep way too much stuff from the past to not make a scrapbook. I only wish that I had started it earlier! Omygoodness. -_-

We recently moved and I'm trying to unpack all of the boxes that I have in my room. I'm uncovering a lot of things that I've kept all the way from elementary school. I'm a pack-rat and I have a problem. I love keeping things that may not necessarily be important, but I keep them anyways. I have collections of old letters, postcards, and birthday greetings. I keep all of my movie stubs and fortune cookie fortunes, no matter how silly they are. I keep all kinds of ticket stubs and airplane tickets and stickers that I like... I keep some old homework assignments and projects because I remember I worked so hard on them. But now, they aren't useful to me. I no longer need to know about every single section of the Constitution or every department of the government or the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Yet I can't seem to throw them away... What should I do with them though? =/

Aug 1, 2009

33 Definitely bookmark this

I think it's a nice link for reference. It's kind of like Wikipedia and Google combined. You can perform calculations and find out quick little tidbits about anything. Look up your birthday and find out exactly how long you've been living! You can also find out what your expected lifespan would be, but I forget how to do so... When I find that other link where I found out about Wolfram Alpha, I'll be sure to post it up! :)